It's a gaming platform optimized to work perfectly with any mobile device like smartphone, tablet, book reader or other touch device. The games are made with a modern technology that works very good on any mobile (like HTML5, Jquery or others).

It's really recommended to have latest version of your mobile software or at least Android 2.1, iOS 5.1 or higher and Windows 7. The blackberry version is Okay with all its versions because it uses another technology to display the games.

Every mobile casino requires to have enabled mobile data or internet connection. The mobile website or application is connected to the gaming server and it displays the games in real time with all current features like jackpot prize pool, bonus games, graphics, sound, account balance, comp points and more.

If you intend to install an app it's good to be sure that you have enough space or big SD card. Sometimes apps with over 100 games need about 100MB free to install and much more to generate cache of graphics and video effects. It's good to have at least 1GB RAM too, just to be sure that you will get the best of all. That's when you are going to download an application.

The alternative way of all well known apps is the instant play mode. It's available via your mobile browser and you can access the games directly without any installation. That's the best way to test a casino, play for real and have fun with all available applications. You can open an account at unlimited number of casinos, and you can play at all of them. Many instant casinos have an option to bookmark the website using an icon on your screen, on this way everything looks like a real app on your mobile, but you don't have it installed on your device.

In other words the mobile casinos could be categorized in two sections – download apps and instant play version (no download required) , using the second one you will be able access through your mobile internet browser. It's the easiest and fastest way to getting started with all games.

If you deal with a live dealers casino, then you have to install the software first. These games require an installed app to play.

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