The live dealers games are some of the hottest features on the market and they are part of the latest trends. This type of game is possible with real dealers (real persons) in real time. That's why they are called 'Live' - you won't play against the software.

To play such types of games you need a computer, smartphone or tablet. Once you have an account there is a HD camera located in a land-based casino and you can use it to see what's happening on the table. The dealer is not able to see you. You can place bets through a live chat platform and see what's the result in real time.

The most common games with real dealers are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, casino hold'em and some others.

If you intend to use a mobile app to play live games, it's highly recommend to do that on Wi-Fi. The live streaming requires a lot of mobile data.

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