It's a website with integrated platform for online gaming. The company that owns the website has to be licensed to accept UK players for interactive gaming with real money. Every casino has information about the games, how to play, what are the payment methods and the latest promotions.

The website is only Vegas-themed, it's not a local resort in Las Vegas with online version. Such type of websites are not allowed for US players because of the local US gambling regulation. The gambling regulator in Nevada does not allow to play online casino. However, we see that some big US Vegas brands came to the UK market with good alternatives to play online.

The Vegas style is presented in the domain name or the website brand. The games and offers are presented very well. It's interesting to see that many good websites use the most popular features from the real world – big jackpot awards, plenty of free chips and travel packages.

The advantages of an online gaming site are much more than you can expect. You don't need to take care of your clothes, to be on time, to be sure that your favorite game is free to play or there is enough space for you. Some local casinos are full of players and it's a serious pain to prepare yourself for casino entertainment and finally to see that it's not possible.

Also you can create your own atmosphere with music, your favourite drinks, friends and so on. Many players get their computer and go on a vacation, in a coffee, park or some other good place to play, connect via mobile data or Wi-fi and start. You are really free to use your imagination and enjoy the game as you love.

The online casino has integrated many different payment methods to deposit and withdrawal of your money. You don't need to go anywhere to send money or get your winnings. The payment process takes about few seconds, but sometimes the withdrawal needs 1-3 days, because it requires more time to be accounted.

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