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Need a guideline how to start at the online Vegas casino? Maybe you're not so sure what's the difference and how to get advantage of all features? Just continue reading this page and see how to proceed.

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Every journey starts with one small step but when you're doing everything on the right way, it's much easier. Now you can learn how to start, what's interesting, what's available and even what's next.

  1. Choose a casino - Select the best place to play online and mobile
  2. Choose a budget - Make a decision how much to deposit today
  3. Choose a bonus - Use the best offer for all UK players
  4. Play games - Enter the casino lobby and select games

Understand online casino gaming

The online gaming platforms require to have an Internet connection. That's your very first step - be connected. It could be a mobile data, wifi, home internet, DLS, fiber or a cable. You need to get access to the World Wide Web. Then, you have to have a computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device. Once you are fully ready it's time to choose a casino lobby.

All games are listed in categories. You can reveal all of them by clicking or tapping on the preferable section for you. The homepage always presents the most interesting right now. You can see what are the best Vegas deals today, what's the bonus, which games are the most popular, how big is the jackpot prize pool and more.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any previous experience, because each game has well explained rules, instructions and information how to play. This option allows you to start playing in few minutes even if you are a total newbie. To avoid any risk play, just start with demo money in the practice mode.

There are two types of gaming. The first one is for real and the second one is a practice mode with free virtual money. If you prefer to play for free you won't need an account, because most of the games are open to play like a guest - anonymously.

The real money mode requires to make a deposit. You can do that by using different payment methods like credit card, debit, bank transfer, prepaid, phone bill or something else. After that you can select a game and transfer some of your chips to play.

The games have few options to bet, control the size of your stake and buttons to start. It's really simple when you follow these steps. Just pay attention on the welcome offer, because you can claim a nice bonus for your first deposit.

How to play online casino

The online version is mostly dedicated to laptop, desktop computers and tv screens. It has different platform and you have two options. The first one is to play instantly without any download, just open the website and start playing. The second one is available through a download and installation of the software (mostly for Windows OS).

The online lobbies have a bigger range of games. This means you can play on over 300 different games which is a pretty good option. It doesn't matter what's the size of your screen because you can use the full screen button to expand the game for a better view. This suites perfectly on any monitor with 13’, 15’, 19’ or more inches.

Some of the latest tablets are optimized to offer online version and a mobile app as well. They are mostly powered by Windows Microsoft.

How to play mobile casino games

The mobile casinos are available through an app, so you need to visit the casino using your tablet or smartphone. Here we have two options to play. The first one is again instantly. This needs just to visit the website using a browser (Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox or other). Then you can play for free or open an account to use the real mode.

The mobile gaming mode requires more data than usual, so just be sure that the game won't be interrupted at an important moment. Many players prefer the wifi because it's unlimited and you can play freely.

Another popular method to get access to the gaming lobby is by using an app available to download. These apps are mostly made for iPhone,iPad and Android. To install an approved or verified app, you need to have an account at Google play or iTunes. The accounts are free and all casino apps are free as well.

The mobile platforms have a smaller list of games. The average casino has between 40-60 games which is 4-7 times less than an online desktop casino. However, you will still have a big choice and access to super games, Vegas slots, live dealers and others. Some modern brands have about 200-300 mobile games, but it's very rare because the casino has to use many different vendors.

Remember that - there are bigger bonuses on the mobile site. It's a popular trend among the mobile sites and you can use it to claim a better deal.

How to choose a Vegas casino

The problem is not which one is good. The issue here is to see which one is better. All of them are pretty good and each one has ace bonuses. That's the reason this website to have a comparison tool. It will help you a lot to understand where to play.

Of course there is a smart way to test all of them. It's 100% free and you'll have fun for sure. Just follow the steps bellow and save time

  • Visit a casino site, browse the games and all current deals
  • Try the game without registration, or use a no deposit bonus to test them
  • See how fast the games work and which interface is easier to use
  • Check the jackpot and all bonus offers
  • Use at least three different sites to understand what's the difference from inside
  • Make your choice with confidence and no rush
  • Play responsibly and enjoy the game as you love to

What are the Vegas casino features

You can see that many casinos are very similar. Also, there are the same games at many casino sites.This is possible when the casinos use the same platform (casino vendor) or gaming matrix. The main difference between these casinos is the service, bonus programs and design.

Each site wants to be the very best. This competition leads to better terms for new and registered players. There are more and more free bonuses, bigger rewards, better graphics and faster payments. It's a great opportunity to get more.

Many new casinos have special promotions with more winners, bigger prizes and free vacation packages to the real Las Vegas in Nevada, USA. Why not to combine an online win with an amazing trip for free?

Definitely, the best feature is the slots collection. There are over 10 different types of slot machines. You can choose from the finest Vegas-style games to the mystical slots with an interesting theme from ancient times.

Whatever is your choice, you are free to use any casino without spending few hours to arrive. You're favorite games are always available, there is no dress code, no need to wait and nobody will disturb you. You can enjoy the game on the best possible way ever.

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